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Everyone enjoys a nice cuppa - to wake up in the morning, to take a break in the afternoon, and to relax in the evening. But...

Where does your tea come from? Is it the best quality? Could you have a better tea-drinking experience?

AI-WANT sources a selection of the finest quality, expertly and lovingly crafted teas from Taiwan.

Fresh from the farm to your cup. We welcome you to share the joy of traditional Taiwanese tea! 


Each week we learn more about this wonderful beverage from a wonderful land.

Taiwan is a country with a unique blend of Far Eastern culture, and fast-paced modern living. A small island full of beauty and wonder - it is a place just begging to be explored.

Here convenience and custom walk hand in hand; with that in mind, AI-WANT aims to open a window into centuries of tea-drinking tradition and deliver it to the comfort of your own home.

Check out the beautiful setting from which some of our tea originates:

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