Formosa Tea is an award-winning, family-owned Taiwanese company with a rich history of producing high-quality oolong teas.  It is most famous for its Dong Ding Oolong Cha - the premier tea variety of this region. At Formosa Tea they have been perfecting the art of making Dong Ding, and many other variations of Oolong, and Assam tea over the past 40 years. 


Formosa Tea  offers a wide range of  teas, of which we selected a limited initial range of distinct styles to introduce to an international audience:


Gui Fei Cha - a wonderfully unique oolong tea with a sweet aftertaste and a lovely honey aroma.

Ching Cha - a barely-oxidised oolong tea with light, refreshing characteristics, similar to a green tea.


Kung Fu Cha - a lightly-oxidised, heavily-roasted variety with a rich, mid-strength flavour.

Dong Ding Cha - an earthy brew, made by a combination of medium oxidation and roasting.

Oolong Hong Cha - a richly flavoured, heavily oxidised tea, similar to ruby black tea.

Huan Ying Cha - 40 teabags of tasty oolong tea, conveniently packaged, and full of flavour.


Formosa Tea provided the spark of inspiration for us to export their outstanding products. We carefully chose these particular varieties to show the many different styles of oolong tea that are available in Taiwan. We have shared many meals and tasting sessions with the family, and we keep in regular contact to discuss new seasonal teas. We are certain that you will enjoy these lovingly hand-crafted, high-quality teas!