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漫 Day 生活茶

"ManDay Life Tea"

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The "漫" in  漫 Day 生活茶, translates to "casual" in Mandarin, and goes together with the English word "Day" to sound like "Monday". "生活茶" literally means "Life Tea". 
However, "漫 Day" also has an even more relevant Taiwanese translation - "to pick tea". 

Put it all together, and you get the sense of a life devoted to making wonderful tea,
appreciating its contribution to our wellbeing, and a leisurely start to the week.
It's a witty combination of English, Mandarin and Taiyu to create something original, and it speaks volumes about the team behind the outstanding organic tea from 漫 Day 生活茶. 


漫 Day 生活茶 is an up-and-coming, award-winning Taiwanese tea company from YuChi Township, Nantou County. YuChi is as famous for its stunning views amongst the high mountains surrounding Sun Moon Lake as for its scrumptious black tea.

Sun Moon Lake is the home of Assam tea in Taiwan, which is the pride of YuChi township.

This world-renowned, fine black tea is bred from the spring water under Mt Jin Long.

Recently, 漫 Day 生活茶 has caught the attention of many tea aficionados for their naturally organic, environmentally friendly manner of production. They have been trying to restore the natural ecology with non-toxic and pesticide-free planting. Their tea trees coexist peacefully with the bugs and weeds, so the tea comes exclusively in small batches.

Harvesting is the most exciting time for tea farmers. 漫 Day 生活茶 believes in being kind to the land and, in return, it will produce the highest quality tea. In particular, they focus on two delectable varieties of black tea: Assam No.8 and Ruby Black No.18.


We have partnered with 漫 Day 生活茶 to export their outstanding products. We chose these particular varieties for their popular appeal and magnificent quality.



Organic Assam Teabags

Organic Assam Teabags

Organic Ruby Black Teabags

Organic Ruby Black Teabags

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