• Ben

Brewing Method

A typical Taiwanese tea set

We sent out some samples recently, and a friend asked me for some advice about how our tealeaves should be brewed. So, here are a few simple steps to get a good cup:

1. Heat water to just below boiling (80-95 degrees)

2. Place a handful of tealeaves (3-5g) into your brewing vessel (preferably a small clay teapot).

3. Fill with water (if you are using a small teapot, warm it first, then pour out the plain water).

4. Wait for 1-3 minutes depending on personal preference, and patience.

5. Enjoy the initial cup, then re-steep the tea 3-5 times, to get the most out of it!

Each time, you will need to steep the leaves for a little longer to get the best flavour. Also, the caffeine will be much lower on subsequent pours.

In the near future we will sell Taiwanese-style teapots to make it easier for you. Enjoy!