• Ben

Coming into Summer

Here in Taiwan: Summer is coming... In some ways it feels like it's already been here for a while now. The temperature in Taichung has hovered around the low 30s (celsius) for weeks now.

Soon we will release our Spring Tea selections, including some new delicious products for you to try.

But for now, as the heat sets in, check out one more use for our tea: Ching Cha Mojito Recipe - icook.tw

(This recipe is in Chinese, and was published by Lifang)

We made some last Sunday with the assistance of our cats Babu and Ai-xin.

Essentially, the ingredients are:

1/4 cup strongly brewed Ching Cha (We used extra tea in big glasses.)

2 tbsp fresh lime (or lemon) juice

2 tbsp rum (or sake)

6-8 fresh mint leaves

Sugar to preferred sweetness

A dash of soda water


Mix and enjoy!

Fresh mint is a key ingredient, the cats approve!
Ingredients, including our Ching Cha tea, mint, lime and ice.
Ingredients, including our Ching Cha tea, mint, lime, rum and ice.
Ai-xin is ready for her Ching Cha Mojito.