• Ben

Nantou Global Tea Expo 2016

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

We recently paid a visit to the Nantou Global Tea Expo to peruse the selection, visit our good friends, learn more, and seek out some new connections in the world of Taiwanese tea. Once again, there were some interesting tea-themed designs:

It was a hot, humid weekend upon the mountain.

We ventured around the whole site, and visited each tent to see what was on offer.

Of course, we stopped in to see the Formosa Tea stand, and discuss what we've got brewing.

There were a lot of cold tea options to beat the heat. Here is one particularly convoluted contraption:

We were on the hunt for some delicious Assam and Ruby Black tea to add to our selection. We have some promising leads that we are following up on now:

All in all, it was a very successful outing! We have restocked some of our original varieties, and set in motion plans for exciting new products. Tea is a joy that just keeps giving!

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