• Ben

Children's Day

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Ten kinds of flower on display

Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Day paired together last Thursday and Friday to give us a relaxing 4-day weekend. We took the opportunity to visit the Taichung World Flora Exposition https://2018floraexpo.tw/En in Houli, a short train ride away.

The expo opened late last year, and will run until the 24th of April 2019. There are three locations to the north of Taichung City - Waipu, Houli and Fengyuan, and it's free for Taichung residents (including ARC holders).

We were impressed with the size and scale of the event, and easily whiled a few hours away wandering around the site.

Giant seed made from bamboo

The most interesting displays were the various international exhibits. We spent the majority of our time there "trekking" from one country to another.

The Silk Road exhibit
Easter Island exhibit
Mongolia exhibit

Sebastian has a particular fascination with water at the moment, especially if there are fish or turtles involved. So, we lingered wherever we found a pond, or waterfall.

Oman exhibit
Chile exhibit
Taiwan exhibit

The highlight for our little fellow was the Bhutan exhibit. This included a spinning prayer wheel that he delighted in pushing around.

Bhutan exhibit
Prayer wheel pleasure

All up, this was a pleasant and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. We recommend taking a look before it's all over. We may even take the opportunity to visit one of the other two locations in the next couple of weeks.

To all the families out there we wish you a Happy Children's Day! We hope that you took some time to relax and enjoy the weekend.